About me


As an Afro Carribean woman I like to explore my nationality in my work. I use bold and eye catching colours to express parts of my heritage. My identity as an afro Caribbean woman shapes my work and influences me deeply. A key influence is Adinkra, this is a hand printed fabric made in Ghana. Through the years the cloth was decorated to tell a story. Each symbol

tells a story, so in my work I too try to tell a story. 


I am multi layered and so are my influences. The media influences my work and I am affected by what I see on the news. I channel this sadness and frustration into my work. In many ways these pieces are more abstract as I deconstruct what I am experiencing. Which is why my work feels politically and culturally relevant right now.


I work as a mix media artist, exploring different mediums in my work blending styles and methods. I gravitate to ink drawing at the initial brainstorming stage. I incorporate print making methods, collage styles and digital media to extend the narrative. I like working on a large scale because it enables me to be free to work outside a set parameter. My aim in any piece whether   large or small is to take the viewer on a journey; to make them question, think and feel.